Continuing Education for Leaders – It Does Matter

Continuing Education for Leaders – It Does Matter

Leaders who strive to be significant, have a high level of curiousness and commitment to learning and seek to create, have the greatest impact and influence to inspire others. These talented people have differed widely in their personality traits and life stories. Some have been charismatic, some very modest. Others come from poor backgrounds, while others grew up amid great wealth. Some of them came by their leadership abilities naturally, and many others worked hard at developing them. In today’s tough economic times, it is more important than ever to find and retain great people. Companies just can’t find the people they need. And they’re cutting their recruiting and development budgets. It's unrealistic to expect new hires to hit the ground running and not invest in the continuing education of their people. This is the wrong thing to do. Companies need to focus on continuing education and specifically leadership development programs, with continuing education curriculum’s that have been developed by world top performance experts.

Continuing Education For Leaders

Programs that will take you through key concepts of effective leadership, offering you a practical toolkit of leadership strategies that are based on their proven strategies and experiences. XTRAcredits continuing education programs should leverage learning, experience, and relationship building to deliver a highly integrated, project-based leadership development program, which explores the demands of leadership and the skills that are required to lead effectively. When you commit to professional development you will leave empowered. You will have a greater impact on your organization and your career. Not to mention, when your people have professional designations, investing in XTRAcredits programs that are accredited by your people’s professional designation bodies, optimizes your investment. It’s no secret that thousands of companies are flush with cash. In fact, they’re hoarding it. Given the recent volatile nature of the economy, this is understandable. It’s also shortsighted. Now is the time to increase the money available for continuing education courses and inject some money into building a workforce that stays ahead of the competition and is sustainable for the future. “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” —Jack Welch Be Your Best, Lisa Patrick Founder / CEO XTRAcredits

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XTRAcredits is on a Mission is to bring WORLD CLASS EXPERTS To EDUCATE PEOPLE At THE HIGHEST LEVEL So They MAY PURSUE THEIR DREAMS, get MORE MONEY and earn their continuing education credits when they need them! XTRAcredits is the marketplace where those professionals seeking this type of education come to learn from the best and learn how to reach the next level of success in their career and in business.

More about Lisa Patrick


Working with some of the most recognized thought-leaders in the world has given Lisa the opportunity to learn and develop her unique skill to ‘see through things’ and opportunities that others miss!  These relationships have also provided her insights into the distinctive points of view of risk and opportunities facing the education marketplace, experts and their businesses.  These learning experiences have contributed to her success!

Lisa is relentlessly optimistic, entrepreneurial, and future-focused. She encourages contrarian thinking and rapid experimentation.

Lisa has worked with personal brands and companies such as Grant Cardone, FocalPoint Coaching, Tom Hopkins, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, Patricia Fripp, Cy Wakeman, International Coaching Federation, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Society of Human Resource Professionals, and much more. Find out more about Lisa by clicking here.

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