Dr. Angela Ramsay in The XTRAcredits Spotlight

Dr. Angela Ramsay in The XTRAcredits Spotlight

Dr. Angela Ramsay  is the President of FIPA.  FIPA while maintaining a non-partisan, non-advocacy stance, acts as a key catalyst for positive change and prosperity in the Caribbean region. The attainment of meaningful goals in the area of public affairs is largely contingent on the quality of leadership and governance. Therefore, enabling improved leadership capabilities is the cornerstone of FIPA’s work. In this context, FIPA drives excellence in leadership across the Caribbean.

Dr. Angela Ramsay is a Commonwealth scholar who has pursued her education in Jamaica, Canada, Australia, Israel and India.  Dr. Angela Ramsay is an award-winning educator, a professional coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation, and the holder of the 6 Sigma Belt in Quality Management.  She has performed consultancy assignments for several international organizations, not limited to UNESCO, the International Labour Organization, and the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.  She is one of the architects for the Recruitment of Commonwealth teachers.  In the private sector, she works as an organization development and environmental health consultant.  Angela Ramsay is the author of fourteen books, four of which have been published by UNESCO.

Dr. Angela Ramsay is a results-oriented leadership and organization and methods coach and consultant.  Under her watch, the company for which she managed the safety and environment programme gained the first national gold star for occupational compliance.

Dr. Angela Ramsay is the author of sixteen books which includes Practical Leadership and four of which have been published by UNESCO.


Connect With Dr. Angela Ramsay:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-angela-ramsay-03793323/

FIPA: http://farquharsoninstituteofpublicaffairs.org/index.php/about-us


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