Dr. Susan Doering in the XTRAcredits Spotlight

Dr. Susan Doering in the XTRAcredits Spotlight

Dr. Susan Doering, Accredited Certified Coach at International Coach Federation has been a successful coach since 2006. She has built her coaching career helping women as they transition from one career to the next. Specializing on finding their personal solutions to professional challenges, including leadership and management issues.


Dr. Susan Doering has helped many women executives strategize and make the right choices about their next career moves. Career coaching provides a structure to think about and plan and control your career instead of leaving it to chance. She will coach both in a classic coaching setting and you will also walk away with practical suggestions for a fruitful job search.


‘Susan’s coaching is revealing and impactful. She takes you to a journey of self-discovery and leads you to the reassessment of your potential and achievements. Ultimately, she helps you regain your self-confidence and realize that there are no boundaries to the growth of your personality and to the things you want to achieve.

The unique thing about Susan is her striking emotional intelligence and her approach to people. She guides her coachee’s with the open heart of a mother and the wisdom of a father. One has the feeling of being taken care of with warmth, perspicacity and a lot of understanding.’ – Snezhana Shtonova


You can hire Dr. Susan Doering for:

  • Individual coaching - executive coaching for improved management skills, work-life balance, solution-oriented life coaching, coaching for women
  • Small group and team coaching - team building, team performance
  • Career coaching – career planning, career challenges, career transitions


In her role as a trainer, she works with the staff of international organizations in workshops on career development and other issues such as performance management and leadership skills.


Dr. Susan Doering believes that training starts with the culture that the company or organization wants to have.

Some may be going through organizational change, others may need training in specific areas. Susan’s goal is to match the needs and objectives of the client with the competencies and abilities of the employees and staff in each workshop.

Each participant's imagination is fired, everyone feels the impact that they can make on the whole and how they can contribute to creating and sustaining the corporate or organizational culture.


You can access Susan’s training two ways:

  • Training sessions in leadership and management skills, career development, performance management, ethics, diversity and intercultural competence
  • Facilitation of executive retreats


Dr. Doering is committed to excellence and is a lifelong learner.  Below are some of her accomplishments:

  • Myers Briggs Practitioner
  • Associate Certified Coach
  • Career Development Trainer
  • Performance Management Trainer
  • Coaching Diploma
  • Ethics Trainer
  • Training Diploma

Connect with Dr. Susan Doering:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-doering-41514527/
Website: http://www.doering-training.com/pages/english/coaching.php

Rienösslgasse 10/12
A-1040 Wien
t+f +43.(0) 1 966 19 24
m +43. (0) 650 720 4411


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