How Relationships Will Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals in 2018

How Relationships Will Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals in 2018

Do you want to make 2018 the best and most successful year of your life?

There's no single formula for success in 2018. Success does come from being the right person doing the right action at the right time and having the right relationships..  

I want to explain what you can do to take action and make it happen! These tips are very practical and easy to do, but they will be greatly beneficial to your success.

Jim Cathcart, TEDx Top 1% TED speaker, How to Believe In Yourself gave me this advice;

Every action we take or fail to take can be tracked sooner or later by measuring its value or cost, e.g. if we fail to prepare for an important event there will be a true cost to our lack of preparation. If we develop the habit of reviewing what we need to know just prior to meetings in which we will use the knowledge, then we will be able to participate in the meeting more spontaneously and usefully.

He says that Behavioral Economics has three main components:

1. How we Think
2. How we Relate
3. How we Act

If people in an organization understand and embrace the purpose, vision, mission and values of the organization then they “embrace its genetic code.” These people bring more value to their work than their counterparts who think differently.

When you find meaning in what you do, you bring more value to how you do it.

This is merely one component of How we Think.


Relationships: The ways in which people communicate or “Relate” to each other has a measurable value as well.


Co-workers who don’t communicate openly and freely often operate with incomplete information and erroneous assumptions. This can have disastrous consequences financially.


There are three essentials for any relationship, whether it is with customers, colleagues or supervisors.

1. Both parties must be committed to making the relationship successful. Nobody can bear the full burden alone.

2. Communication must be open and frequent. The truth must be told always and bad news must travel fastest of all.

3. Both parties must know what the others expect from them.


Clear agreements are essential.

The ways in which we relate to each other have a tangible economic impact.

How we act both on and off the job will ultimately show up in our productivity. Bad health has an impact of clarity of thought, ability to perform and on attitude. Lack of organization produces unnecessary errors plus a waste of time and resources. Certain work habits have more value than others. There is a cost to each of our habit patterns.

In short, if we think about our behavior as having an economic impact, we will be more motivated to change unproductive behaviors and adopt profitable ones. It’s time the “human factors” in business were placed at the TOP of our priority list, where they belong. In the final analysis, “it’s the people, stupid!”

So it's time to really sit back, reflect and enjoy the time we have created over the holidays to focus on our personal relationships with family and friends and analyze our business relationships.


To help you get started we asked Jim to give us his Top 5 Tips to bring in the New Year  with success and create profitable relationships: 


1. Block out at least one hour each day of an entire week between now and the end of the month to use for thinking and rethinking. Make this a vital appointment, don’t just “intend” to do it.


2. Take one category for each day’s thinking, e.g. Health Goals & Physical Habits, Financial Practices, Habits & Goals, or Relationship Patterns, Practices & Goals.


3. Consider everything a “zero-sum” game, in other words, all things are up for reconsideration and possible change. No existing practice goes without being considered for elimination, replacement or increase.


4. Keep written records of what you decide in each area. Keep them all together so that you can review the whole of them at the end of this process. Your goal here is to take an objective look at your life, your relationships, habit patterns, work habits, life decisions, etc. and make sure you are doing what you truly want to do, not just continuing what you’ve become used to.

5. At the first of the year, start planning which goals you’ll pursue, which practices you’ll stop or change, and develop your action plans to get it done. No more “resolutions”, just make new Commitments. Don’t “try” to lose weight; instead Commit to Becoming Slender and staying that way (that means embracing new habit patterns.)


The development of discipline is done one act at a time. Think of the person you’d like to become and ask yourself how that person would do what you’re about to do and make it a goal. This daily question can restructure your life.


Don’t think like the old you, think like the future you in 2018.

'Think Like An OAK'

Become the person who will attract the results you want. Now’s the time, this is the place and you are the one! Not sure how to get the results you want by Building profitable relationships? My online training course at XTRAcredits can help you get started.  Let Jim help you!


With 2018 just around the corner, follow these tips and who knows? This time next year…

Be great,

Lisa Patrick


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