How to Clear Your Mind and Seize Control of Your Stress

How to Clear Your Mind and Seize Control of Your Stress

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. There are constant ups and downs and often it will feel like everything that could potentially go wrong - does go wrong. Some days just get out of hand. The workload is heavy, and still the emails and calls flood in. There will be roadblocks, unplanned obstacles, arguments, and setbacks. This all contributes to one thing -- stress, and lots of it.

While you can’t avoid stress altogether, simply letting it build up and consume you can lead to a meltdown. A clear mind is a healthy, productive mind. This is especially true for a coach.  Being attentive to your client means you must clear your mind of absolutely everything in order to be fully present and aware.

You must first “clean the vessel.” 

The meaning behind cleaning the vessel is that you are readying yourself, or your vessel, to be totally present and available to another person, whether that is someone you’re in a relationship with, your child, an employee, or someone you are coaching.

Having a clear mind allows you to give your full attention to the person with whom you are communicating with and be fully present in that moment.

Seize control of your stress when you clear your mind…

Here are the 7 steps to help you:

1. Readying Yourself to Be Present
There are two issues that could stop you from being fully present. Those issues are remembering the past or projecting into the future. Rehashing the past can cause you to replay conversations or concerns from then, this causes you to lose total attention from the present situation.

2. Cleaning the Mind Clutter
If you delay the inevitable, you also clutter your mind. Whether it’s doing the dishes, picking up your dry cleaning, or scheduling a doctor appointment, when you put these things off, they begin to take up space in your consciousness as tasks you need to complete.

Try making a written list of your tasks prior to having that important conversation, meeting, or session so you can be 100% present for those around you.

3. Confronting Uncomfortable Situations
Another way to prevent yourself from being fully present is to avoid confronting difficult or uncomfortable situations.

Often when difficult situations arise, we consider conversations we might have, resolutions we might take, rather than be impulsive and address it immediately.

However, when we take too much time considering all the options, the time we stress about this situation takes up valuable space in our vessel and prevents us from being fully present with those requesting our attention.

4. Tackling Unfinished Tasks
Brain clutter also occurs when you say that you are going to accomplish something, like cleaning the garage, completing the landscaping, or meeting your quota at work.

If you never get the task done, it not only clutters your consciousness, it becomes an issue as to whether you can ultimately trust your word. These incomplete tasks or broken promises act like a magnet, attracting more lack of trust and self-doubt.

5. Dealing with Unwanted “Stuff”
Unwanted “stuff” in your home and office take up space in your consciousness. Each piece of “unchosen stuff” fills your space with the energy labeled “it doesn’t matter.”

If you are going to support others in their lives, you don’t need to be perfect, but you do need to live up to the standards and expectations that you have established for yourself.

6. Resolving Triggers
Another element in cleaning the vessel is eliminating your triggers. A trigger is a restimulation of suppressed feelings from a past incident that caused embarrassment, humiliation, diminishment, or pain.

The trigger is similar enough to the initial experience to exhume the suppressed feelings. Releasing, clearing out, and healing your triggers is another step to cleaning the vessel.

7. Forgiving Unfulfilled Expectations
When you eliminate anything for which you haven’t forgiven yourself and to resolve all “incompletes” from the past that are having over your head, you are accomplishing another step in cleaning the vessel.

Perhaps you haven’t lived up to your own expectations, you’ve been dishonest with yourself, or misaligned with your values, morals, or standards. If you have ever digressed from your standards or expectations, then self-forgiveness is required to heal the rift. Anything that appears to be clinging to your consciousness needs to be cleaned out, forgiven, and healed.

The idea of clearing one's mind isn't exactly a breakthrough. You don’t have to escape to the middle of the Antarctic to practice mindfulness, but as a coach, you should make an effort to reduce the number of distractions around you so you are better prepared to help your clients. This takes practice. My online courses will help you be attentive to your clients and breakthrough their barriers to better coaching results.

Be your best,

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, MCC

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