The 4 Action Steps Required to Lead With Courage

The 4 Action Steps Required to Lead With Courage

Judy House was the best boss I ever reported too. 

She used to say to me, “Mike, the higher you move in an organization the less freedom you have.”

In any endeavor where you have people looking to you for leadership, they are watching you and waiting to see how you will respond to each situation you face. Have you been fortunate enough to have a great boos?

I work with organizations every day and encourage them to live and work courageously. In these turbulent times, it is critical that there be leadership models in organizations for how to live and work in the culture.

Courage is not just about living boldly — it’s about the ability and willingness to take a stand and live that stand in the choices you make.

If the people who work with you were given truth serum and asked to write down the three words that best describe the experience of working with you, what would those three words be?

How do we demonstrate leadership with courage?

Hold others accountable for living and working courageously in the culture you call work?

Courageous leadership:

Stays focused on the desired results and are unwavering in pursuing it.

Removes the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving the result.

Acts decisively and takes responsibility for the choices that they make.

Avoids excuses and the people that make them.

Listens openly and non-judgmentally.

Here are the 4 action steps to becoming a more courageous leader:

  • First, clarify expectations in your mind.
  • Communicate expectations that may be ambiguous.
  • Collaborate in setting specific and measurable performance standards.
  • Follow-up to hold people accountable.

Courageous leadership means toughening your approach by being rigorous in the application of your values through the company culture. It means confronting and challenging people, and not letting them get away with being less than you know they can be.  I've spent years studying leadership. If you want to benefit from being challenged to understand the depth and breadth of leadership and to see how doing so can transform the way you lead, let me help you with my online course.

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Mike Staver at XRAcredits | Leadership An internationally respected coach and professional speaker who has been labeled the “rebel with a cause.”  With a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Mike has found a way to make complex ideas simple, memorable and immediately applicable.  The Staver Group works with leaders at all levels within businesses or corporations to challenge them in driving performance, confronting problems and making a difference in the culture of those they influence. Mike has joined the faculty at XTRAcredits to help professionals across the country hone their leadership and earn continuing education credits at as they advance in their career

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