MaryAnn Fappiano in the XTRAcredits Spotlight

MaryAnn Fappiano in the XTRAcredits Spotlight

 As an Executive Coach, Associate Certified Coach, MaryAnn works with High Potential Leaders and Senior Executives in meeting their objectives which typically are:


To be a more effective leader, to succeed in a new position, to find a new position, improve communication, gain confidence, manage a business or team more effectively, get to the next level and/or to create a new career path.

What Her Clients Say: 

  • “MaryAnn provides a fresh perspective, helps you reflect on your situation and guides you in exploring and articulating your best approach.”
  • "MaryAnn helped me regain my confidence and move forward in my career at a very critical time.”
  • "MaryAnn has helped me grow professionally by challenging me to think outside the box. I have further developed professionally as a result.”

Offering Standard 6 month program which includes in person and/or phone meetings each month. Each program is customized to the individual's objectives to be accomplished.

As a Certified Diversity Professional, MaryAnn has served as an Advisor to Diversity & Inclusion Council and Member of SIFMA’s Diversity Committee. Her most recent accomplishments include:

  • Advanced Diversity & Inclusion efforts by creating 5 new employee resource groups aligned to business goals
  • Designed and rolled out Inclusive leader training program
  • Integrated Diversity and Inclusion in organizational processes such as on campus recruiting and performance management.
  • Formed strategic alliance partnerships with established D&I consultants


MaryAnn is a results and relationship-oriented Talent & Diversity Leader with a proven track record of managing and developing strong teams, focused on increasing productivity, continuous improvement and achieving company objectives.

Her diverse background in financial services covering a wide range of financial products and leading operating functions in global locations has resulted in deep knowledge of organizational models, business controls and infrastructure.

MaryAnn's strong passion for People Development has led to a career transition to Human Capital Management with an emphasis on People & Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion, and Coaching with Accreditation by International Coach Federation.

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