Peggy O'Neill Joins Faculty At XTRAcredits

Peggy O'Neill Joins Faculty At XTRAcredits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 28, EDMONTON, AB. XTRAcredits an established leader in continuing education programs and courses is pleased to announce that interdisciplinary speaker and author Peggy O’Neill has joined the faculty at XTRAcredits.

Peggy will immediately be offering Human Resource professionals who are members at the Society of Human Resources, their continuing professional development credits with a new course.

“Joining the Faculty at XTRAcredits has given me the opportunity to offer support for SHRM certified members all over the world to learn more about embracing diversity and inclusion, so they can implement cutting-edge practices into their organizations. It’s exciting to be part of the esteemed XTRAcredits faculty, and to have access to an international platform, where I can connect with people eager to embrace diversity and inclusion in far and remote lands.” Peggy said.


How To Embrace Diversity And Get Outstanding Results is a one hour online webclass offered by Peggy O'Neill for SHRM professionals.

Human Resource professionals can expect to learn ways to overcome their struggle to find success and build a workplace environment where workers get along, cooperate, and can be inclusive of one another. When individuals feel connected and respected at work, they will engage more fully as part of the team.

Employees will be more likely to collaborate, contribute their innovative ideas, and share their unique point of views which will result in significant increases in solution-power. Therefore, HR plays an important role in setting the tone for performance, progress and profits.

Learning objectives:

  • Assess and gauge your own level of embracing diversity
  • Identify and overcome your unconscious biases and fears (We all have them)
  • Enhance your ability to interact effectively with others so they feel seen, heard, respected and included
  • Move from tolerating differences in others to deeply appreciating them
  • Discover proven ways to connect, cooperate, and communicate for more meaningful and fulfilling connections with people at work and in life.

Coming from the field of psychotherapy, Peggy O'Neill draws from her extra-ordinary experiences triumphing over the many trials of being a little person living in a big world.  Peggy lends her expertise in the areas of personal empowerment, celebrating diversity and enhancing professional performance.

Known as "The Tiny Speaker Who Empowers You to Walk Tall!" Peggy O'Neill has for over thirteen years, inspired powerful positive change in corporate and women’s groups across the US with her unforgettable, dynamic, and humorous keynote speeches and trainings.

From the soaring height of 3'8", her zealous optimism, humorous disposition and encouraging demeanour are both inspiring and contagious. No wonder she is an endeared and popular presenter throughout the US.

Peggy has authored three books: Walking Tall: Overcoming Inner Smallness, No Matter What Size You Are, Little Squarehead, an illustrated children's book. And just published this past summer, Happy Workers Do their Best Work: Embracing Diversity—Optimizing Performance.

Featured on the cover of Speaker Magazine, Peggy is also a contributing teacher in the films The Opus, and Tapping the Source.

Peggy has presented to over 100,000 people in organizations such as FEMA, Chase Bank, Diversity Works, Texaco, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lucent Technologies, Ball Aerospace, Lockhead Martin and many others. 

“The addition of Peggy O’Neill to our XTRAcredits Faculty is the result of a process that began in June ’’ said Lisa Patrick, CEO and Founder at XTRAcredits Group Inc.

“We are confident that we’ve found the right person available to help professionals across the globe learn and about embracing diversity and inclusion while they earn their continuing professional development credits. I believe that when companies and their people embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business, they will outperform their competition. “

More About Peggy O'Neill


What's most remarkable about Peggy is the contrast of her outer smallness and her inner BIGness.

Audiences respond to Peggy with great fervor—a testimony to her gift of articulation, zealous audience rapport and exemplifying her uplifting message. Peggy doesn't just deliver a dynamic speech; her impact on audience members leaves something lasting—an insight, a greater awareness or a sensibility that influences their life and relationships for years to come in a positive way.


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