The 10 Relevant Job Skills That Will Give You Better Job Opportunities

The 10 Relevant Job Skills That Will Give You Better Job Opportunities

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to having your skills remain relevant in the ever-changing workplace. 

According to, thirty-five percent of the most relevant job skills that are important today will change in the next five years. That means those who are relatively new to the workplace will need to continue to invest in their Edge Learning and grow over the course of their careers more than any previous generation and obtain those relevant job skills. 

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is upon us. It is characterized by a fusion of technologies that incorporates the physical, digital and biologic aspects of business.

Digitization, robotics, and artificial intelligence are impacting the global economy on a scale never seen before. Advancements are being made by leaps and bounds. 

Having Edge Learning education and experience with the relevant job skills desired in the future workplace will translate to having better job opportunities and earning greater incomes.

It’s wise to take note of the top ten relevant job skills that have been deemed necessary by a recent meeting of the World Economic Forum: 

  1. Complex problem-solving 
  2. Critical thinking 
  3. Creativity 
  4. People management 
  5. Coordinating with others 
  6. Emotional intelligence 
  7. Judgment and decision-making 
  8. Service orientation 
  9. Negotiation 
  10. Cognitive flexibility 

Note that these are all soft skills and part of your Edge Learning education. And, not all of them are taught in a standard business education curriculum. 

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So, where does this type of education come from? Finding a mentor with these Edge Learning skills is a great answerHowever, in the absence of a personal mentor, relevant job skills can be found through online courses, lectures and books made available by experts in each skill area. 

The advice then is to seek out alternative, economical sources for those job skills first and ensure you are invested in Edge Learning to give you that competitive edge. 

Be your best and invest in yourself,
Lisa Patrick

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