The 6 Skills Employers Look For and Will be IN-DEMAND In 2019

The 6 Skills Employers Look For and Will be IN-DEMAND In 2019

While it’s widely known that the quality of your skills will determine your level of success, there are certain abilities that are more in demand than others. Analyses of the skills employers look for happens during several national and global meetings and forums.

Hard skills are specific to the nature of developing industries. Soft skills are more versatile. Edge Learning is a continuous process of developing the peripheral skills that have the most impact on obtaining a successful and fulfilled life.

According to the World Economic Forum, where leaders consider how technological advancement will transform labor markets, the skills employers look for that are necessary for future success include, but are not limited to:

These 6 skills employers look for your Edge Learning are:

1. Complex problem solving

While the field of data management continues to grow, it’s vital to be able to take into consideration the human aspect of what’s being measured while recognizing and analyzing the logical patterns found in statistics as part of your evaluation for Edge Learning.

Relying solely on data when measuring human performance, could lead to incorrect or dangerous conclusions. Being able to recognize the impact of each will lead to better decisions both for companies and their employees.

2. People management, which includes both communication and leadership skills

With so many new industries being created, there will be no history of how to find and manage the best people for jobs that did not previously exist. As the types of work changes, so must the methods for communicating with team members, motivating and leading them.

Begin by Edge Learning strategies for engaging others in conversations to learn what motivates them and then to use your judgment and best practices to lead them.

Communication Skills e-course:
Leadership Skills e-course:

3. Creativity

Innovation requires thinking about things differently. Creative people will be an incredibly valuable commodity when it comes to discovering new ways of implementing new technology. Presenting your creative ideas will be an important aspect to your Edge Learning when you need to get people to buy-into your creative ideas and products.

Presentation Skills e-course:

4. Service orientation

This applies to both internal and external customers. Not only will team members be expected to understand and serve the needs of users of their products, they will need to be able to support fellow team members for the betterment of all.

The goal of service orientation is to address and overcome challenges in such a way as to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Customer Service Skills e-course:

5. Negotiation (sales or persuasion)

Whether it’s forming a partnership or delivering a solution, rarely do all the pieces come together smoothly. There are almost always points of negotiation.

As sales expert Tom Hopkins says, “Every contact with another human being is a sales presentation. You are either persuading them to your idea, service, product or being persuaded to theirs.”

Tom Hopkins

Knowledge of how to communicate effectively to develop the best outcome for all is a vital skill and critical in your Edge Learning. It begins with your Edge Learning and how to establish trust when building relationships.

Sales Skills e-course:

6. Cognitive flexibility

This skill includes several of the others mentioned above. It involves being able to adapt communication skills based on who you’re interacting with. The same message will not be well-received by everyone. It must be tailored to the audience.

Recognizing and using the best communication style or method with each individual to gain the most from each person’s perspective and skills is a high-income talent.

Being a master of any one of these skills today is impressive, but with the constant evolution of technology and products, the need to develop more of these skills is critical to your future success.

Whether you’re in a field that requires continuing education credits or not, the quality of your skills will determine your level of success this year and every year going forward.

Set goals for which skills to learn and seek out reputable resources for your own continuing education.

Alvin Toffler is credited with saying, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Alvin Toffler

The key is to remain flexible and open to growth opportunities. Even better, create opportunities for growth by constantly seeking out new information as it relates to your career and the skills employers look for.

With 58 percent of employees preferring to learn at their own pace and 49 percent of them wanting to learn at the point of need, online courses are being developed by the thousands.

The topics available are endless for Edge Learning. Not sure where to begin? Consider taking an assessment of your current strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind the goal is to keep your skills sharp enough to be competitive in the marketplace. Play to these 6 skills that employers look for.

Live up to your full potential

Lisa Patrick
Founder / CEO XTRAcredits


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Edge Learning is a continuous process of developing the peripheral skills that have the most impact on obtaining a successful and fulfilled life.

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