The 9 Questions Great Coaches Ask To Get Results

The 9 Questions Great Coaches Ask To Get Results

Coaches don't provide answers, they ask really great questions. 'A coach helps clients determine their vision, strategy, action plan, and then supports them in the realization of the next chapter of their lives', says Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott.  Dr. Scott 'The Mother of Coaching' envisioned coaching as a profession in 1974, when she started The MMS Institute specializing in coaching and training professionals. Executive coach, Ed Batista also defines coaching as a style of management characterized by asking questions according to the HBR Guide to Coaching employees.

Using carefully selected questions can be an effective way to structure coaching sessions. These questions great coaches ask designed by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott,  will help you find answers, solve problems and get clear on client goals when you are coaching.

The 9 Questions Great Coaches Ask To Get Results:

Clarifying questions

Are used to clarify what the client means without any assumptions. Clarifying questions help the coach understand what the client means when s/he refers to information that is different from what references that the coach is used to dealing with. They can also benefit the client in raising their self-awareness or revealing their own assumptions.

Exploratory questions

Explore the values and importance that certain key words have for the client. These questions take the client deeper to uncover underlying issues or motivations. When the coach initiates an exploration to probe significance, the excavation has begun.

Data gathering questions

When a coach starts to gather information that is integral to the client’s situation, we often call this data gathering.

Discovery questions

The coach asks questions that may provide a discovery for both coach and client. Discovery is key to the coaching process. The client will learn more about themselves.

Curious questions

The coach asks curious questions because they are interested, not because they are nosey. Curiosity is a requirement as a coach. Nothing is taken for granted and nothing is assumed.

Open-ended Questions

The coach asks open-ended questions because s/he is interested in engaging the client more fully in the conversation and keeping the flow moving in a positive direction. Open-ended questions are those that cannot be answered with a simple, “Yes,” or “No” response.

Spontaneous questions

When the coach is fully present in the moment, s/he probes deeper by taking the client’s last response and turning that into the next question. This can be a powerful tool when used to determine motivation and purpose.

Deep Questions/Who questions

The coach asks questions related to the client’s choices, behaviors, and core beliefs (i.e. his/her relationship to her issue) in order to serve the client to go to a deeper level of who s/he is and connect with his/her authentic self.

Challenging questions

The coach asks permission to challenge the client about his/her thinking, perception, core beliefs, cultural differences, and underlying assumptions to enable him/her to connect to the strongest and most courageous part of them.

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As you have gathered from this article, a key to effective coaching is asking the right questions. When you use these questions you will increase your ability to ask good questions and create those Meaningful Moments with your clients that will result in more authentic coaching relationships.  When you're looking for proven techniques that will have a positive impact on your coaching relationships and result in making your coaching more relevant, meaningful, and powerful, you can get help from Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott's online training.  Courses are designed to stimulate a coaching environment. It's as if you are being coached by the "Mother of Coaching' in person.

We live in complex times. We are bombarded by more stimulation than ever before and we need to arm others to help them make more choices in one day than previous generations made in their entire lives.


Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott


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