The Right 6 Simple Steps to Provoke Success

The Right 6 Simple Steps to Provoke Success

Starting a business is never easy, but what many entrepreneurs find is that building your business is just as tricky. You will face a range of challenges and obstacles to overcome.  Different problems and opportunities demand different solutions.  What worked a year ago might not the best approach today.  Instead of looking at the obvious and seeing things through, you need to start seeing through things.

It’s the strategies and the team you have working along side you to help find the right opportunities, give you different perspectives, support you to build and attain goals that will ultimately lead you down the path to success and executing a winning plan.

But unfortunately, many forget the pitfalls associated with success which can apply even to the smartest and most dedicated people running their own business.

This is where surrounding yourself with the right team of experts and perhaps even business coaching is perceived as part of your road map for success and a benefit.

It’s an opportunity for you to grow professionally and achieve optimal performance through consistent feedback, counseling and mentoring.

Pragmatic leaders, those interested in the practical aspects of execution–understand that the key to their success and their teams is enhancing the capacity, competence, and skills of those they work with and holding you accountable to the decisions and implementation strategies moving forward.

You work hard.  You have grit and grind.  You fight to solve your financial issues. You go out and promote your business and sell your product. You see things through.

But what you fail to do is see through things.

You don’t think enough about leading your own people and finding the best staff according to leadership, says coach John C. Maxwell Maxwell in an article at Forbes.

Based on global expert and business coach John Maxwell’s advice, we need to start to seek out the right experts to help us achieve our business objectives and professional development goals for success.

Change our perspective.  Have a different mindset.  As most can’t afford Mr. Maxwell,  how do you know what to expect when you hire one? What are some of the simple steps to get you started?


The Right 6 Simple Steps to Provoke Success


Steps to provoke success - 1: Accountability:

An effective coach will recognize that he/she is not an expert on you or your goals, and they don’t have the answers for you. He/she will have questions.   You will be required to have to determine the answers that are right for you. Your coach will provide feedback and advice at times. An effective coach will allow you to decide for yourself what to do with that information and then hold you ACCOUNTABLE to your decisions.


Steps to provoke success - 2: Stage of Development:

It’s important for you to recognize that you may need different experts for different stages, whether it be in your business or in your professional career development.  It’s important to get a very clear picture on what stage you or your business you are in so you can look around for those experts who are known for helping people within those stages.


Steps to provoke success - 3: Frequency:

You want to meet often enough that you can have effective accountability (monthly is generally not often enough for this), but not too frequently that you don’t have time to get things done.


Steps to provoke success- 4: Agenda:

You’ll decide what issues or goals you would like to address.  The right expert will keep you on track, and prioritize accordingly. H/she will challenge you, raise certain issues and questions at times, drawing on their experience, but the agenda is ultimately your responsibility.


Steps to provoke success- 5: Discover the Right One:

Seek an expert who you feel comfortable with (and have a discovery engagement session with  a few so you can figure this out).  The best expert will want you to feel comfortable with them and will refer you to others if either of you feels like it’s not the right fit.  You have to be as comfortable with them as they are with you.


Steps to provoke success- 6: Experience:

Make sure the prospective candidate is an expert, they have  a wealth of experience that you can draw upon.  Ensure they have an internal network of advisers to help you avoid a lot of the expensive trial and errors that most professionals can make as they build a business or advance their career. Situations will arise that you will need an experienced sounding board, a wealth of knowledge to provide the clarity necessary moving forward. Your challenges and issues, although new to you should not be to them.


If you are committed to running a successful business and having a successful career, you will start by investing in experts and your personal development.  If you' fortunate enough to be in business long enough, you'll soon realize there's a connection between entrepreneurship and personal development. It's time to invest in the best investment you will ever make - yourself AND your future.


Be great,

Lisa Patrick


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