When you love passive income this opportunity is for you.

When you love passive income this opportunity is for you.

Technology and education advance on what appears to be a weekly basis in some industries.  The subject matter experts and companies that remain on top of these changes are the most successful and profitable.

The direct route to this success? A passive income focused on continuous training from you.

The opportunity:  Prequalified online courses for professionals to earn their continuing education credits. Those professionals who are mandated to learn from you an easy way to access and engage in learning, reporting, and claiming their credits. XTRAcredits continuing education provider approval is paramount to your success and turning your speaking events and online courses into a passive income - a revenue stream for profit.

Do you LOVE passive income? Passive income is the Holy Grail!

It equates to freedom. True financial independence. An extrication from the shackles that binds us to 60 hour work weeks and/or a 9 to 5 life-sucking job. It means being unleashed. Living a fulfilled life. And having total freedom to live, work and roam free at your leisure.

How do you get this fulfilled life?

XTRAcredits will help. Recognized by numerous governmental regulatory groups, licensing boards, professional associations, and legislative bodies as a continuing education provider, providing you all the immediate resources you will need to roam free and lead a fulfilled life.

These bodies all understand the importance of creating and maintaining a quality framework for the education offered for their profession. Almost every major trade group from certified financial planners, accountants, lawyers, coaches, engineers, mortgage professionals, funeral directors etc. have some type of competency and regulatory framework. This framework is your untapped market.

How? Their education recertification requires periodic mandatory CE to ensure licensees meet minimal standards of competencies within their profession.  This is your direct route to the holy grail of passive income.

At a basic level, when you evaluate a continuing education credit management system as a revenue stream for your training options, it should include the ability to assign standard continuing education credits (CEs) for course completions.

This quickly gets complicated for any subject matter expert to navigate. Experts need the fastest and most effective path to delivering their continuing education provider approval credits.

Every regulatory body has different competency frameworks, guidelines, and CE compliance requirements to ensuring that your training content meets the minimum standards of recertification for their licensee’s.

As an expert who is seeking continuing education provider status, you must ensure the courseware; your curriculum meets each of their competency frameworks.

Complexity arises when your learning management system that you are using to deliver the training and recording the course completion MUST meet all these standards for each accrediting regulatory body.

These complexities of CE challenge even the best experts. To truly manage CLE or continuing education for accountants, coaches, certified financial planners or lawyers, an expert must ensure that the learning management system can do more than just record the completion of the course.

You must also have a delivery system that awards a single continuing education credit value and type with not only an automated certificate distribution centre but has the ability to customize each certificate to the governing body and the professional.

The continuing education credit value and type that a professional earns must be based on where the learner is licensed to truly help all concerned.

XTRAcredits has designed a continuing education provider program and continuing education credit automated delivery platform that eliminates all the guesswork for the subject matter expert seeking provider status and an option for delivery for the professional. Your opportunity for a revenue stream that delivers a passive income that you can cash in on.

When you are looking for the proven path to get you started, my FREE webclass will walk you through the how to basics, after all if you don't have the necessary continuing education provider approvals you can't earn more money.

It's your time,

Lisa Patrick

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XTRAcredits is the yellow pages for everything and anything continuing education and professional development credit related. XTRAcredits.com offers a catalogue of on demand professional development courses available at anytime, anywhere and are accredited for Continuing Education Credits when you need them.

More About the Author, Lisa Patrick:


Lisa is the founder of XTRAcredits Group Inc. and host of The Coffee With Lisa Show

Continuing Education Expert | Business Strategist

Working with some of the most recognized thought-leaders in the world has given Lisa the opportunity to learn and develop her unique skill to ‘see through things’ and opportunities that others miss!  These relationships have also provided her insights into the distinctive points of view of risk and opportunities facing the education marketplace, experts and their businesses.  These learning experiences have contributed to her success!

Lisa is relentlessly optimistic, entrepreneurial, and future-focused. She encourages contrarian thinking and rapid experimentation.

Lisa has worked with personal brands and companies such as Grant Cardone, FocalPoint Coaching, Tom Hopkins, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, FrippVT, Wayne Lee, International Coaching Federation, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Assessments24x7, Society of Human Resource Professionals, and much more. Find out more about Lisa by clicking here.

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