Why a Continuing Education Revolutionary LMS Will Get You More Money.

Why a Continuing Education Revolutionary LMS Will Get You More Money.

Do you have any method within your association to provide opportunities for your members to earn their continuing education credits anytime? Does your method retain and engage your membership? Do you have a continuing education focused LMS to deliver continuing education credit courses to your members? If you answered no to any or all of these questions, then you need to learn more about the continuing education program options available for you.

If you are an association that happens to have a CEU education program for your members to engage in and it doesn’t have a learning management system ( LMS ) option for online on-demand learning, then your association is also in trouble. If your only professional development training option is the traditional method of learning via workshops, attending conferences, networking events or facilitating webinars, then you need to evaluate more flexible options like a LMS as an alternative delivery option for your members. The time is now to look at implementing an online LMS as an on-demand learning program immediately using a Continuing education focused LMS. Let me explain why.

In today’s competitive environment and the advent of sophisticated information technology, your traditional continuing education model is now obsolete. An organization’s mandate is to attract and retain their members by providing benefits and opportunities that their members value. Those value-added options can take many forms, but they are essential to the longevity and success of your association.

Here are 3 ways that you can ensure that you retain your members by offering an LMS on-demand online learning catalogue of approved courses:

  1. Accessibility: Continuing education course offerings should be curated and facilitated by the best experts in their industries.  In today’s daily usage of technology, it’s your association and society’s obligation to procure the best electronic content on behalf of the membership. Some of the most successful leading experts across the globe already have these online learning options in place; tapping into these resources and offering it directly to your members, approved for their mandatory re-certification needs is the mission of XTRAcredits.
  2. Create More Time: Helping members to create more time in their day should be part of your mandate. Help your members and provide more value by creating more time for them. How do you do this? It’s simple, by ensuring that they can at any time during the day for any limited amount of time that may be available, take productive action and commit to their learning. When you provide them options for them to engage in a method that supports incremental learning options, you help your members to establish a very disciplined schedule to keep them focused and productive at all times.
  3. Flexibility: Your members are busy professionals who are looking for flexible options to engage in their re-certification learning on off-revenue generating hours. After all, you mandate that they must earn a certain number of credits or hours every cycle, so it should also be your duty to ensure that they have the flexibility to earn their credits off hours in their PJ’s.

Offering valuable member experiences online in an LMS ensures that your association remains relevant but finds ways to also monetize Your Education Programs: Non-Dues Revenue will keep the doors open.

What I have experienced seen from working with our association clients is that each organization is unique in its needs. Your requirements for membership management, e-learning and event organizing is dynamic and depends on variables that only apply to you. Finding the right turn-key technology is the key to addressing those challenges but finding a partner with a LMS that includes a database of quality resources while delivering online catalogue is what will keep you sustainable.

It’s crucial to the success of a CE provider to support the necessary documentation.  Every continuing education program within an accrediting association or society has its own target audiences, jargon, credit designations, licenses or certifications.  They have very unique credit calculation standards, core curriculum competencies and processes.  Each association has strict compliance tracking criteria and in some cases technology integration needs.

At XTRAcredits we ensure that we identify specific content development standards and accreditation processes.  We ensure that we are up to date with content due dates, credit reporting windows, and our LMS has methods of obtaining, tracking and verifying credits as they accumulate for the professionals. Customized completion certificates are essential to the success of the continuing education program.

When selling online courses it is equally important to be focused on the buyer's needs; your members. Ensure flexibility for purchase options and enrollment in the course activities for one and multiple users. The time is now to make a commitment to leverage learning to retain your members and support them as they advance in their careers.

According to the ASAE, The Association Centre for Leadership;

When you’ve earned your degree and stepped into a career, your journey has just begun, and associations are a primary source for lifelong learning. More than 80 percent of associations deliver professional development and training programs, according to ASAE benchmarking research, and about one-third administer accreditation or certification programs as well. Together, education and certification are, on average, the third-largest source of revenue for associations (after membership dues and meetings and events). The ASAE study The Decision to Learn showed that online and digital formats have earned their place among professionals’ choices for adult education, but they are at best complementing, not replacing, in-person learning. Meanwhile, growing awareness of the variety of human learning styles has associations moving beyond traditional lectures to greater use of visual, social, physical, and even game-style learning formats.

Always remember to be great and be your best,

Lisa Patrick

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0137/7435/6534/files/SME_lisa_icon-230x230.png?1594Lisa is the founder of XTRAcredits Group Inc.  As a Continuing Education Program catalyst, I reveal the power of your expertise from the workplace and the stage to the different professional audiences around the world. My no-nonsense approach as the go-to expert for continuing education delivers results.


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