The Art of Building Client Relationships with Tom Hopkins (CFP Board)

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Proven and effective communication and persuasion strategies to build client relationships and advance your career.

You are in the people business. Learning to make people feel important and cared about will help you build relationships and maintain those relationships long-term. When you are looking for effective communication and persuasion strategies to build client relationships this course instructed by Tom Hopkins is the course for you.

Learn to make positive contacts with clients or prospective clients engage in collaborative communication to address concerns, and master techniques to help buyers calm their fears. This will put you in a better position as a professional that they know they can trust to have their needs and interests at heart.

Garnering pertinent information regarding the client’s personal and financial objectives, relevant needs and their priorities is required prior to making a recommendation by any professional. Then, make yourself an expert advisor to the client. Position yourself as the professional who will demonstrate that you care about them beyond making the sale and who keep them in mind when something new that might be of interest to them arises. That type of treatment makes them feel important.

Part of the process is initiating effective communication strategies, so you are better equipped to identify and evaluate the many alternatives available that might meet the needs of your clients.

Tom Hopkins has been offering customized communications-based training to professionals in the financial services industry since 1992. Tom has personally trained over five million sales professionals on five continents through live seminars.

He has authored 18 books, has sold over 2.4 million total copies of those books and had them translated into seven languages. One of his most popular books is titled, “How to Master the Art of Selling Financial Services. This book provides strategies for listening and understandably communicating with clients. Learning how to gain the trust of others, get them to like you, take your advice, and become long-term clients is the foundation of every successful business.

In this 90-minute course, Tom will help you with proven principles to provide professional services with integrity: acting in the best interests of
the client or prospective client, regardless of personal or professional gain while
acting in a manner that demonstrates exemplary professional conduct.

Chapter 1: Making a Positive Original Contact
Steps for Putting People at Ease
Why and how to Get Permission to Make Notes
Calming Buyer Fears
The power of the 3 Cs Questions

Chapter 2: Addressing Concerns
Controlling the Impact of Concerns
Handling “I want to think it over”
Handling “It costs too much”
Handling “I can get it cheaper”
Handling “It’s not in the budget”
Addressing “We’re happy with our current supplier”

Chapter 3: Demonstrating Gratitude
The power of Thank You Notes



  • What objections or concerns really are.
  • How to determine when concerns are valid.
  • Strategies to be better equipped with your communication to cultivate the information from your client for a mutually-defined client goal, needs, and priorities.
  • A 6-step formula for addressing every concern you'll ever hear.
  • To optimize and develop a simple, yet powerful strategy for keeping in touch with clients in a professional manner.




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